Garden Statues Ireland

Welcome to where you will find all our tranquility statues just suited for your every need.

We have all of our statues on display in Dunboyne.

Animal Statues

In this category, you will find the all the wild, mystical creatures. Perfectly suited for the wild Lion King inside you.

Mythical creatures just like the Nesco and Spring Fever Statue are kind and loving, perfect for playground areas and zoos so they won't scare the children away. Unless you want that, then go for Brachiosaurus Statue or Tyrannosaurus Rex Statue. But the little ones are warriors, so be careful!

The statues we have are high-quality statues, just like out of a museum. The details on the statues are fantastic.

Chinese/ Oriental Statues

In this category, you will find our mystical creature statues, little house statues and also People statues.

These statues are perfect to spice up restaurants, hotels, and your house or back garden.

Some statues that are known as protection or the guardians are the Dragon Statue and the Fire Dragon Statue.

If you are looking for health or longevity, the Quan Yin Bust statue is the one for you.

These statues are perfect for having a gentle, peaceful atmosphere. Very luxurious Statues.

For the Lantern Statues, you can also put in fairy lights into the little slots in the lantern to make it light up in the night time; this will create the calm atmosphere you are craving for. Enjoy the scenery with a cup of your favorite drink, sit back and relax with the best products on your garden or anywhere you like.

The states we have are high-quality statues, just like out of a museum. The details on the statues are fantastic.

Mystical and Myths Statues

These mystical statues will bring back your childhood, or if you have a child let their imagination go wild!

For little warriors, the Double Bronze Statue is perfect for them! Let their imagination run wild.

Tiki Chair Statue is very good for garden parties, especially for tropical. Bring some of the Tropical life into your place! Enjoy a drink out of a Pineapple or even more exotic a Coconut. Enjoy the tranquility of your own garden, or in a restaurant. Relax and unwind with our great products.

Escar Statues

These statues are full of character. With their unique features that will draw you in from the moment you see it. It is perfect for any occasion.

These statues are a museum quality.

We have products ranging from bronze reptiles, all the way to goblins.

Sayings and Greetings Statues

These statues are perfect for giving them gifts for a gardener, or have them in your own garden to liven places up.

Have all different shapes and sizes statues for inspiring quotes to inspire and motivate you around the garden.

We are the largest centre for statues in Ireland, providing high quality garden statues in Ireland, call today to get your statue for your home or garden,

What kind of statues do we stock?

  • Oriental styled statues.
  • Italian styled statues.
  • Story book with girl statue.
  • Mushroom statues.
  • Bird Statues.
  • Fox statue.
  • Chinese buildings.
  • Buddha statues.
  • Frog statues.
  • Angel statues.
  • War Statues.

Our statues are all high quality statues and have a unique crafting process to bring about the high quality finish, most statues take 1 to 3 weeks for delivery.